This performance was created in June 2015 following the request of the Philosophes Vaudois group for the series of conferences regarding eroticism in art.

“A set of phenomena that arouse sexual desire…”

Roundabout, concept:
A black box, the viewer looks inside of it through holes that are reminiscent of a peep show.

In the box we gradually distinguish a woman’s nude body in the darkness. She’s dancing, lit only by a black light bulb. Her body smeared with a black substances and the only prop she’s holding is a hand fan. Tiny white balls fall out of the hand fan and slowly reveal the shapes and curves of the performer when they fall on her body.
A moving image, a fantasy, woman or man, it doesn’t matter, this is not the question of gender that is important but that of Eros as a being on its own. A strange incarnation that moves to the sound of its own voice.